How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Around the World

The popularity of St Patrick’s Day celebrations have greatly increased in the UK in recent years. Although it is not as big a holiday as St Valentine’s Day, or Easter, the day is still celebrated with great enthusiasm by millions of Irish and Celtic people, as well as many thousands of other people from around the world. The reason for this huge interest in celebrating St Patrick’s Day is clear; The Irish diaspora. In the 18th Century many people from Ireland fled poverty and starvation for a better life in the USA and Australia, to name but two.

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There are many different types of St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Most of them are based on the fact that St Patrick, is the patron saint of Ireland. Many people today consider Valentine’s Day, which is traditionally a Christian festival, to be very similar to St Patrick’s Day celebrations. However, on St Patrick’s Day, there is also a strong connection to Christians because they claim that he is the one who started the Christian religion in Ireland. Regardless of which way you look at it, you can be sure that there will be plenty of enjoyment and merriment on this fun day.

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One of the main reasons why St Patrick’s Day is such a big deal around the world is that St Patrick is the hero of one of the most famous tales that people have about Ireland. Be sure and get some nice ST Patricks Day Gifts from for the big day.

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