Why we love medical Dramas

One of the staples of Television is the Medical drama. It seems that if we set a series in a Hospital it soon begins to gain traction all of its one making. There are lots of examples where the medical drama has gone on to be the starting point for many careers and first appearances. Let’s look at some of the most famous.

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  1. Doctor Finlay’s book. Set in a remote(ish) Scottish landscape this featured the goings on of a local Doctor and the scrapes and problems that his patients get into. It was a pretty gentle series with the usual morality play thrown in. It became incredibly popular with its run from the later Sixties through the 70’s. It also had a radio play version and a famous theme tune that was number one for 5 weeks.
  2. Angels. The first attempt to portrayal the Nurses’ side of things exclusively. It proved popular but was pretty short-lived, running from 1975 to 1983. It followed 6 student nurses through training and out into the world. It was one of the first to show that Doctors were not all wonderful human beings and that the NHS manager was becoming more important. The series was topped by No Angels, a Channel 4 production in the 00’s that portrayed the student nurse in a much more realistic light.
  3. Casualty. There is nothing like an A and E unit that can provide drama, they can’t help it. Casualty is currently the longest running medical drama on television and shows no sign of stopping. Whilst it might not have the immediacy of it American rival, it tends to set up the accident,becoming something of a cliche for those that have watched it for years as they try and guess the storyline.

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  1. ER. With ER anything could happen and generally did. Starting the career of George Clooney it eschewed the usual build up outside of the hospital. The action takes solace in the ER with the Doctors rarely getting out before the next patient is wheeled in and the paramedic is going through what’s happened.

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