All about quartz crystals

Quartz crystals, like the ones you can find from a Crystal Shop Aberystwyth way, are incredibly popular with those who use them for their healing properties as well as with those individuals who like them for their aesthetic look. It is one of the most abundant crystals that can be found on the planet and many rocks will contain small amounts of quartz.

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This crystal type has been used for thousands of years and was often used in jewellery items and ornate decorations. It would have one of the many crystals that the ancient Egyptians used in their head garments and necklaces.

Not only are they important crystals for decorative reasons but they are also used in electronics and clocks. This is due to tot the frequency that they resonate at. It allows for them to be used to mark a second on a clock and then move the minute hand one position every sixty seconds. It is also used in computer systems as it contains pure silica which is used in computer technology parts.

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As well as being found in clear colour, quartz can also be found occurring naturally in colours such as purple, yellow, brown, pink and green, to name just a few. It is these different colours that make it a popular choice for many people when selecting crystals for their homes or for use in jewellery and other decorations.

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