Six tips for style confidence

Although confidence isn’t something that can be purchased, it can be nurtured. Your choice of outfit can help you to walk that little bit taller into even the most nerve-racking situations.

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1. Identify your ideal silhouette

No two bodies are identical, so it makes sense that not every garment will suit everyone. If you see someone wearing skinny jeans looking like they can take on the world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel the same in an identical outfit. Focus on finding your perfect fit. Although this might mean ditching the skinny jeans in favour of a boot-cut style, we guarantee you will feel more comfortable in garments that suit your body.

2. Find your colour palette

Experimenting with colours and patterns can be fun, but having a foundational colour palette that suits your hair colour and your skin tone means you can always be confident that what you are wearing is working for you, not against you.

3. Invest in style staples

If you find a piece that instantly catches your eye, it may be a sign that it belongs in your wardrobe. Conscious shopping is important but if you are still thinking about that Lyle & Scott shirt you saw at EJ Menswear two weeks ago, the chances are that it will be something that will stay in your seasonal sartorial rotation for a long time to come.

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4. Ditch trends

Have you ever wondered how the same people make it onto best-dressed lists year after year? It is because they avoid trends and stick to garments they know work for them. The good news is that there are so many looks that have been cool for decades. Think Chuck Taylors and classic white T-shirts, which were staples in the 1950s and will continue to be staples for decades to come.

5. Be an outfit repeater

Why wouldn’t you continue to wear an outfit you love? It is unlikely that anyone will notice if you are wearing the same outfit you wore last week, but they will notice that you feel good about yourself.

6. Have fun

Style should be fun, so find enjoyment in putting together outfits and make sure you are getting proper wear out of your favourites. It doesn’t matter if your trainers get scuffed or your go-to jeans develop a rip at the knee, as imperfections are charming and demonstrate a life well lived!

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