Where do Aran Sweaters come from

Aran sweaters are a really great kind of sweater that can be very warm and keep you comfortable all year round. Aran is actually a family of sheep that are raised on the Aran Islands located in the northwest corner of Ireland. The Aran sweater is also a style of sweater, which takes its name from the Aran islands off the southwest coast of Ireland. There are a variety of different styles of Aran sweaters that you can choose from to complete your wardrobe of clothing for whatever season it is. Go to Shamrock Gift for some excellent examples.

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There is an incredible selection of Aran sweaters available to purchase online today. If you want something really comfortable and warm, you should really consider purchasing an Aran sweater that uses the Aran stitch which uses a crosswise and a knit stitch to create a highly comfortable piece of clothing. Most of these types of sweaters are extremely soft and highly insulating because of the unique stitch used and the excellent technology that is used to create them.

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This type of Aran sweaters were originally designed by many years ago for the fishermen of the Aran Islands. Many years ago the fishermen would wear these sweaters when they went out into the water to catch fish. The wool fibers were extremely strong and would last for many years, which is why the sweaters were such a great option for fishermen. Even though these sweaters have been worn for so many years, many people still enjoy wearing them because they are so comfortable to wear. When you pair a good Merino wool sweater with Aran pants or leggings, you are guaranteed to keep yourself extremely warm and toasty all day long.

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