Five Ways to Style a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a common way to dress up for both men and women. But that’s no excuse to not make an effort. There are ways to make a polo fit seem effortless, and here’s how.

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1) Summertime Vibe

This combination is the old polo-chino shorts duo. It makes for a great outfit in the summer holiday, especially when travelling abroad on a getaway. A well-fitted polo and shorts for your legs to breathe will allow a comfortable trip. Shirts with designs such as mens Superdry polo shirts can be a good way of showing off your style.

2) The Smart-Casual Polo

This is the polo and trousers routine typically worn as a polo with beige-coloured trousers and smart shoes in the old days. In more recent times, we can spice it up with different colour combinations and footwear. If you’re opting for this combination, don’t be afraid to change it up a little.

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3) Dress Up

Contrary to what most would think, a polo works quite well under a suit too. Few try it, but with the right fit, this slightly unorthodox style makes you stand out without doing too much. So if experimenting with this, perhaps consider this extravagantly subtle outfit. Polos ideal for dress-up occasions aren’t hard to find and can be found in places such as

4) The Sporty Polo

If tennis players can pull it off, so can you. Polo shirts are very versatile in their use, meaning a comfortable polo is good sportswear addition for tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Next time you go for a little workout remember your polo is an option too.

5) Strictly White

Here a brave soul chooses to wear all-white. Yes…white polo, white trousers and maybe even white shoes. This is not for the faint-hearted and likely will only be on special occasions. But with the right fit, good weather and avoidance of anything that might stain your luminous garments, it’ll be an outfit to remember.

According to GQ Magazine, the polo is an old design common in the 1970s and now having a revival.

Luckily, a good polo isn’t difficult to find, and everyone should have a few in their wardrobe.

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