Grey is it a colour to work with?

Despite a reputation for being drab, grey is one of the most exciting and versatile colours around. The ways in which you can use grey to show off other colours and add dimension to an outfit is surprisingly diverse. Knowing how to choose the right grey and what to style it with is important fashion knowledge.

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Which grey?

There are many shades of grey, more than fifty in fact! Choosing the right one for your skin tone is paramount to nailing the grey look. If you have cool-tone complexion then really any shade of grey will complement your skin. If you have a warm complexion then stick to wearing grey on the lower half of your body, as you run the risk of it washing out your facial complexion. If you want to wear all grey, such as a grey suit, and you are warm skin toned, consider brighter toned Farah Shirts such as the ones at
Light grey/dark grey

Despite the hundreds of variants of grey to choose from, let’s split them generally into light and dark. Light grey looks good with rich, dark colours such as navy or royal blue, or perhaps a strikingly deep purple. Darker grey looks better with softer hues such as pink or pastel yellow. Surprisingly, grey looks great with other neutral colours, especially white, which works with every shade of grey.

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Prints, patterns and textures

Thanks to its neutrality, grey is an ideal background for patterns and prints. It’s also a great colour choice for textured clothing such as velvet or corduroy.

Other ways to style grey

Grey doesn’t just have to be a part of your outfit, a silver-grey hair rinse is an amazing way to style your hair, whilst grey makeup in the form of a smoky eye is a striking choice and grey nails can add a cool neutrality to your look.

As you can see, grey offers so much versatility and its neutrality allows you to experiment with different cuts and textures that you might not otherwise try.

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