Choosing the Right Jeans for Your Shape

While jeans might be the staple of most wardrobes, a lot of women are wearing the wrong type of jeans for their body shape. This means that they are not flattering and can look wrong in all the wrong places. While there are many womens designer jeans on the market, you don’t need the most expensive pair of jeans for them to fit properly. As long as you are wearing the right type of jeans for your shape they should fit perfectly.

Right Jeans

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Deciding on Your Body Shape

The most common body shapes for women are hourglass, straight and pear shaped. If you have an hourglass figure this means that your waist is clearly defined and your bottom will probably be slightly round in shape. For those with straight figure this is almost the exact opposite. The waist is not clearly defined and the bottom is likely to be less rounded and more flat. If you are a woman with a pear shape, this means that you have a defined waist that is created by the hips being wider than the bust.

Picking the Right Style

Now you have some idea of your body type it is time to find a pair of jeans to suit. For women who are pear shaped, anything with a tapered leg will not be flattering, so you should opt for a flared jean or trouser style jean, with a low rise waist. For those with straight figures, a mid rise waist and a boot cut style opening at the feet should make you appear more curvy, while hourglass figures should go for a wide leg but with a flat front and mid rise to show off curves while at the same time making you look slim in the right places.

There is a huge range of places where jeans can be purchased including many online retailers such as and others so there is no excuse for not be able to find the right ones.

If you are someone who wears jeans a lot then hopefully this has made you think about the jeans you wear so that you can make sure you are wearing ones that fit properly. If you don’t usually wear jeans because you think you are the wrong shape then think again, as there is a style out there for everyone.

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