The Use of Pneumatic Conveying Systems in Manufacturing

There are new and upcoming inventions occurring in industry all the time, but sometimes it is the older ones that are the best. One example of this is the conveying system. Useful in a lot of different industries, this is a system that has stood the test of time. It proves cost effective and efficient and can be used for a wide range of items from tiny pellets to larger items of machinery.

Conveyancing systems are also very flexible – they can be installed and adjusted to suit many different layouts of factories and buildings, and they can be built to move around the equipment and other machinery within that space, meaning that they are a great way to utilise space too.

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Pneumatic conveying systems like those created by Aptech, is often preferable to a mechanical one. It can run both horizontally and vertically and can also protect the surrounding environment from any dust or debris.

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With these types of conveying systems, materials will be moved around by pressure and vacuum within. The vacuum will be used on the receiving end of it, which will pull the item through and the pressure at the other end will push the item along.

Of course, depending on the type of materials, layout of the machinery and size of the system in total, will affect how the system is designed. There are many parts that can be changed to suit the requirements of the product.

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