How Are Metals Bent Into Shape?

The process of bending metal involves heating it, stretching it without damaging its internal structure or adding any force to the external surface that is used to create a bubble. The metal is placed between two tools known and put under pressure from a press brake. An upper tool, known as a punch and a lower tool, called a V-die are manipulated by the press brake which provides the pressure and movement via hydraulic or electrical means to bend the metal into the desired shape.

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Most of these processes are performed on a commercial level and most of the time, you don’t even need a complex machine to perform the task. Bending metal simply involves heating it up until it becomes soft enough to the touch and then pushing it to a point where it will just about conform to the shape that you are trying to achieve. If you are working with steel, then the process would work more like this, but you will have to have a much higher tolerance for heat and be able to bend the metal in a specific way. In most cases, a bending machine is used in order to ensure that the metal does not just snap back into its original shape once it is cooled off. For Euromac Bending Machines, consider Euromac bending machines through cotswold machinery sales

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Basically, the metal can be heated until it becomes soft enough to be malleable and then the bent part of the metal is fed through the mandrel at various different angles. Once the metal is bent, the force that it experiences when pushed back into its original position will cause the metal to be shaped into the specific shape that you desire.

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