How to Renovate Your House in An Eco-Friendly Way

Renovating the home is a lot more appealing than buying a new home. The soaring house prices can make it the only option and improving your home can increase its value. There are many eco-friendly things you can do to make sure your renovation won’t adversely affect the environment. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint whilst renovating your home, read on.

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Firstly, try to use reclaimed materials rather than buying new materials. Construction waste is responsible for a high amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This is also a good reason not to demolish any part of your house if you can avoid it. Instead, work with what you have. Instead of replacing furniture or doors, try painting or refacing them instead. Another option is buying pre-owned items and materials but try to reduce the amount of stuff you throw away.

If you do have to buy new materials, make sure they are from local and sustainable sources. When building an extension on your home, consider Oak Framed Extensions and visit the website to find out more.

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In order to reduce the amount of heating you use, make sure to insulate your home. There are a number of high quality and eco-friendly options for insulation. Some materials that are good for the environment include sheep’s wool, loose fill cellulose (a mixture of recycled newspaper and fire-resistant material) and even denim.

Lastly, consider using solar energy when renovating your home. It is sustainable and keeps your heating costs low. Use the sun for heat but also for light. Use LED light bulbs in your house but try to maximise the windows or skylights so natural light can enter the home.

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