CCTV Drainage Surveys Is An Excellent Way To Check Pipes For Leaks

CCTV Drainage Surveys, like those offered by Wilkinson Environmental, are an excellent way to check for leaks in the pipes that lead to drainage pipes. If you find leaks in your plumbing system, you can easily use a CCTV camera to locate and mark the exact location of the leak. This in turn can be used by your plumber to locate where exactly the leak is, and then make repairs to your drainage pipes..

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A CCTV drain inspection should be done on a regular basis. You should schedule a CCTV drain survey when any large water retention takes place, like if your basement starts to flood or your garden pond freezes over. These drains carry large amounts of water and if they become clogged with algae, bacteria or rotting eggs, they can cause major damage to your drainage system, causing pipes to become blocked and disrupting normal drainage. A leaky pipe also poses a health risk to anyone using the house, as it can allow food particles and toilet waste to enter the drainage system, making the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful pathogens within the pipe extremely serious.

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CCTV Drainage Surveys is a great investment in the future of your property. By detecting leaks and cracks early you can avoid costly repairs. When you’ve identified the problem, you can then begin to look for the appropriate solution to take care of it.

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