Sporting Casual Attire

This new season presents a very interesting variation on the smart casual look. The key to this look is to wear what you think makes you look good. If you are looking for a casual look that is not overly formal, just remember that comfort should be your first priority.

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The key to learning how to wear the casual look this season is to remember that the most important aspect is still comfort. There are no rules about how to wear a suit or a tie. As long as you are dressed appropriately and comfortable, nothing else really matters. Take note of these rules of dress, and you’ll look good in a great suit jacket or in a great sweater! For a range of smart casual Ralph Lauren Menswear, visit

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Smart casual can seem like a vague ambiguous term, often used interchangeably with “dress down,” yet it is much more than that. Smart casual is an ambiguous term yet it differs significantly from professional wear in key ways. A smart casual dress code is typically thought of as simple, more or less dressy casual wear, but with certain aspects of a casual, relaxed vibe taken into account, such as: the use of layered, thin fabrics, the layering of tops and bottoms, the use of vibrant colours, and the ability to mix and match. This is different from business casual, where a smarter appearance is called for. However, smart casual dress is a highly individual concept, varying greatly from person to person, and as such, there are no hard and fast rules that define this term.


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