Mobile phones vs fixed line

If you have ever found yourself taking more and more calls on the mobile phone you bought from Vodafone Drogheda company You might be wondering what the different benefits are between mobile phones and fixed landlines.

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Mobile phones are by their very name portable, which is the main benefit over a fixed landline. Whilst you can buy cordless landlines they will only beagle to operate within a certain distance of the main telephone terminal. Mobile phones can be used anywhere where there is a mobile signal. This means that you can still make and receive calls whilst you are out and about during the day.

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One of the other benefits of a mobile phone is that it can provide you with much more than just the ability to call someone. You can use a favourite of communication methods and apps such as whatsapp that will allow you to video call people when you have an internet connection or if you use some of your mobile data allowance.

The key drawback to a mobile phone is that you need to have a signal and this is why many people choose to have a landline in their homes in case they needed to use it in an emergency and no mobile phone signal was available. This means you can use your mobile when you are out and about and keep your landline for use at home.

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