Special for stalkers, here you find all the public information of a Facebook profile that the network does not show

You’ve been using it for four, five, six years or more. In all that time the social network has accumulated an uncountable amount of information about you, what you like, what you do, the people you relate to, the photos and the videos in which you appear and share. It has become a constant and we hardly realize everything we expose the public.

About four years ago the social network launched Graph Search, a search engine that indexes all content and connections on Facebook. Although it is not given the same attention and few use it for its complexity, it continues to work, and tools like Stalkscan help us easily find all the information that comes out of it. Things as specific as all the pictures of single women that a friend has given them a like.

Most of us do not understand how powerful Facebook is as an information tool and how detailed its search functions can be. Stalkscan is a web interface that allows us to take full advantage of the potentially disruptive Graph Search.

It was created by an “ethical hacker” lalamdo Inti De Ceukelaire and aims to highlight the amount of information that users post about themselves without thinking about the implications.

It’s not a tool that skips your privacy settings, it’s simply a Facebook-powered search engine that gives you easy access to all the public information in a profile.

To use it all you have to do is paste the URL of a Facebook profile and then choose all the content you want to see. Of course, you must have logged into the social network to see the information, but you can check the activity of both your friends and other accounts. In either case you will see only the public information, what is shared as “just for me” is still hidden.

It has a huge amount of options to filter, for example you can choose only photos or posts that have liked someone with people of a certain age or sex. Look for all the comments a person has made, or their interests about something in particular, or just the photos where they appear with friends or family.

A tip given by the creator of this tool is to review your own profile , perhaps first from a friend or family account so you can see exactly what you put out there, and maybe do a little cleaning of your profile. We will see how long the site lasts online before Facebook takes any action.

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