How to Provide for Gluten Free Customers

To serve gluten free customers, you should make sure your entire restaurant offers many options. While you should be able to cater to all types of food allergies, making the menu fully accessible for a gluten free customer is more challenging. This article will explain how to make your establishment more accommodating for gluten-free customers.

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First, make sure your servers understand what your GF customers need and are aware of the risks. Also, make sure you communicate your special requests to your kitchen staff so that your GF food is prepared properly. To gain the trust of gluten-free customers, you must take feedback from them. You must let them know that you are interested in their opinions, and that you value their input.

Once your customers are comfortable with your gluten-free menu and service, they’ll tell their friends, and the word will spread. You’ll be happy to hear their praise and recommendations for your product. Your customers are loyal to your brand, and they’ll tell their friends about your great product! If your menu contains the ingredients of many common foods, you can include a warning label so that gluten-free customers can weigh their choices and decide on the best option. For advice on food related matters and a Food Hygiene Check, visit

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In addition to ensuring your employees have the proper training, you should also post information about food allergies on your website and in store. This information should contain easy to read details about the ingredients in your dishes and make it easy for customers to order with confidence. They’ll be happy to find out what’s in their food before they order, and they’ll feel more comfortable knowing they’re ordering safe food. They’ll also be able to check the allergy label to make sure it matches their specific needs. It’s a great way to keep customers safe and following the introduction of Natasha’s Law on 1st October 2021, is now a legal requirement.

Adding options for gluten free customers can have a big impact on your business. This will expand your customer base and boost your brand loyalty. In addition to catering to this market, you’ll also be able to achieve an additional benefit: increased sales. With the growing popularity of gluten-free foods, there’s no better time to offer more options for your customers. These food preferences will bring new customers to your business who will be sure to spread the word about how accessible your menu is.

Adding a dedicated menu for gluten free customers is crucial in attracting this target group. The ability to serve this segment of the market is important, as they’re willing to pay a premium price for the items they want. Offering these products is also important to attract a wider demographic. For example, offering vegan and vegetarian items can increase the size of your customer base. Furthermore, people with coeliac disease tend to spend more on dining out so don’t overlook the importance of offering a wide and varied menu.


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