Mobile Phones and You

Mobile phones are a convenient and often lifesaving accessory for people who use them for everything from checking your email to calling for an ambulance. There are many types of mobile phones including walkie-talkies (used by the military), lap top computer cards, pocket computers, digital answering machines and standard phones. Some mobile phones are considered a part of a home telephone system, while others are sold as separate devices. A mobile phone has several key features that set it apart from other communication devices. Try a Vodafone store near me via King Communications to get one.

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The first feature, a mobile phone must have is its ability to receive telephone calls. A mobile phone is not simply a miniature telephone that can be carried in your pocket or purse and used to make or receive telephone calls; rather, it is a portable communication device that gets and makes telephone calls while the user remains within a specific phone service area. This means that users cannot carry their phones with them wherever they go because if they move out of that service area, the call will be dropped. In fact, some providers require users to stay within a certain range of their base line whenever they make or receive telephone calls, so they do not lose service.

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One other important feature of mobile phones is their ability to function as electronic devices used as an extension of a person’s physical existence. Mobile phone base stations have the ability to receive telephone calls even when the user is not within the service area, so long as they have access to a cell tower. In fact, most modern cell towers provide better reception than even the best older towers. The addition of the cellular phones feature also eliminated the need for expensive and inconvenient land lines.

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