Do you like your smile?

When you smile, do you smile confidently? Are you truly happy with your teeth or are they crooked, overcrowded, uneven or protruding? Have you considered getting your smile improved but were put off by the idea of wearing metal braces for months and being even more self-conscious about your smile? The great news is that there is now a terrific new orthodontic procedure called Cardiff Invisalign treatment that offers everyone the chance to have a perfect smile makeover. Three million people are already able to smile confidently following successful Invisalign treatment.


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Do you need a smile makeover?

This truly innovative orthodontic treatment is ideal for closing gaps and straightening crooked teeth using cleverly designed removable clear fixed braces that have been nicknamed by many patients as “invisible braces” because they are both comfortable and discreet to wear, especially when compared to old-style metal braces. This wonderful treatment is ideal for everyone, including image-conscious teenagers.

The length of treatment varies from person to person depending on the complexity of the dental problems they are trying to fix, but progress is monitored throughout the course of treatment by the dentist. Before beginning the procedure, the dentist can show the patient how his or her teeth will look after treatment using 3D virtual modelling.

A great new treatment that promises you a radiant beam!

The first step is to check whether Cardiff Invisalign treatment is offered by your local dentist. Cathedral Dental Clinic is a practice where everyone is committed to giving their patients the best possible care.

Treatment begins with taking an impression of the patient’s teeth so that the dentist can understand exactly what must be achieved. This information is then converted into a carefully constructed individual treatment plan with a 3D virtual model to show what the results will be, which is a very special moment for all patients. Custom-made clear aligners are then fitted onto the patient’s teeth every two weeks. The aligners are comfortable to wear and quite unobtrusive, and they are also easy to keep clean. Regular check-ups by the dentist are needed to ensure that the movement of the teeth is going according to plan. When the desired realignment of the teeth has been achieved, the patient can leave the dental clinic ready to give the world a big and happy smile!

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