National Park of the Atlantic Islands, a magical place

Erected from the depths of the ocean, its imposing cliffs adorn the seascape of a unique place in the world, which can become the next travel destination. We refer to the Atlantic Islands and its National Park, do you want to know a little better?

From the beautiful and magical Arousa estuary to the emblematic Galician city of Vigo the interweave islands above in whose hearts ecological treasures of unparalleled beauty, which will give us that peace and tranquility that our mind and body both craved focus.

National Park of the Atlantic Islands, a magical placeNational Park of the Atlantic Islands

Supervised under the watchful eye of the guns of ancient sunken ships, these riches will allow us to delve into the mysteries and legends of the Atlantic, which undoubtedly will become the perfect lure for tourists interested in discovering a place of dreams. Among other things, we can find natural systems linked to mysticism heaping of coastal areas and the continental shelf of the Euro – Siberian Region. Undoubtedly, visit the National Park of the Atlantic Islands will be an amazing experience.

Dunes, cliffs, bushes, seabed rock, sand or shell and beaches are some of these wonders create a mosaic of ecosystems on these islands and sea waters around. Inside you can find more than 200 kinds of algae where they take refuge and grow lots a wide variety of fish and shellfish, seabirds that nest on the ledges of the cliffs and are engaged in fishing in the deeper waters, or even in the narrow crevices of cliffs.

Ons, Cíes, Sálvora and Cortegada are the islands that make up this magical archipelago. Inside the park we can find a stunning and lush forest laurel. We can also find traces of the passage of our ancestors, belonging to the Iron Age, not to mention that they found ceramics belonging to the Roman Empire. These islands were dominated by very different monastic orders during the Middle Ages. In the eighties, the above Cies Islands were declared a natural park, as well as Special Protection Area and in 2002 as a National Park.

The park covers four groups of rocky islands with cliffs on the rocky islands, with cliffs on the west side, open to the Atlantic Ocean and spectacular beaches and dunes on the east side, located towards the estuaries.

When you reach Ons and nothing boarding, worth visiting the beach das Dornas, we will find next to the pier and let ourselves be blinded by their typical boats. In Ons also highlight the beach of Melide, considered the most idyllic island. In its mantle of sand we can practice naturism and enjoy the freedom that our body needs to unwind from everyday worries.

Both on the island and in the Cies, we find a circular path that allows the traveler to get a sense of them in terms of the landscape and its botanical morphology. There are several shipping lines serving the route from Vigo, Bayona and Cangas.

What about you? What do you think this place had some knowledge? The National Park of the Atlantic Islands?


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