Maximum safety on the road with dampers BMW

Achieve maximum adhesion between our tires and the road is one of the main functions that meet the cushions of our vehicle. These components are fundamental to the suspension, steering and braking, help us keep our car stable and provide maximum comfort for all occupants.

Quality cushions for added safety

The best way to increase security on your road travel and reducing the risk of traffic accidents is to keep our unforeseen shocks in good condition. For the same reason, a periodic review of the car and all its components is essential. One of the elements that tends to wear with time gradually dampers are mentioned. Such is its relevance; if not change they frequently can damage other critical parts such as tires, bearings, ball joints or axle shafts.

Maximum safety on the road with dampers BMWExperts recommend reviewing the shock absorbers every 20,000 km and exchange them for new ones every 60,000 km, although everything will depend on the terrain they usually circulates, since it is not the same driving on roads in good condition on roads in poor condition.

Among the models with dynamic control we can find in the market, BMW shock absorbers are adapted to the driving conditions of your vehicle, offering exceptional comfort and maximum security when you travel by road. For the same reason, we have to make ourselves with quality products that can really offer an effective solution in our travels.

To maintain the good condition of these components, experts recommend we take a test that can perform every driver, without major complications. So we’ve just press the hood of the vehicle with your hands by force with your hands and then dropping. In the event that the vehicle oscillates just once, then they will work perfectly. However, if it does occurs more than a rebound, the dampers could be worn, at which time must be checked by a mechanic.

Another method that can be practiced to confirm the good condition of these components is to see if the dampers front or rear have thrown the concentrated oil inside.

If you want to keep these components of the vehicle in good condition, the best you can do is avoid driving on the steps of higher pedestrians at high speed, not load the vehicle with too much weight and avoid to park on the curbs. If given the latter case inevitably, what you can do is climb the lower part. Nor it would be negligible, avoid driving on land with deep potholes.

Models like the BMW buffers specified above with dynamic control will offer you maximum grip and safety, improving ride comfort. Such control adjusted manually or automatically each shock absorber to adjust to driving conditions.

This control reduces variations in wheel load, will ensure that tires have adequate traction addition to counteract the movement of the body, independently of the vehicle weight or the present state of the road surface.

Each and every one of the factors in the behavior of our vehicle and comfort of its occupants will be controlled by the sensors of these elements. These signals by the microprocessor DDC will be analyzed, sending orders to the dampers. Thus, the influence they can exert on our journeys potholes and unevenness in the road surface will be reduced considerably.

Do you guys also often reviser cushions of your vehicle?

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