What are Some of the Different Roadworks a Driver May Come Across?

What are some of the different roadworks that a driver may come across on their way to work each day? One particular type of road work that people may come across while driving is when there are repairs being made to the road surface. These should be obvious with traffic calming measures, cones and road vehicles with reflective warning markings. For more information on Chapter 8 Chevrons, go to vehicle chevrons

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This is something that can happen anywhere along the route that a vehicle is travelling. Some of these roadworks may last for several hours, while others may only last for a few minutes. If you are driving along and suddenly come upon roadworks, you should be prepared for slowing down and responding appropriately. Sometimes, you may come across road work that is only a couple of yards long, while other times, you may come across work that is several miles long.

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Some drivers may find it easier to avoid some of the different roadworks, while others may find them impossible to avoid. It all depends on what kind of roads you are travelling over, as well as what time of the day it is. Most drivers do not have any control over the road works that might come across, but it is important to understand the different obstacles and measures you might encounter on your travels so you know how to react safely.

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