Tips for Buying tires

The adherence of our vehicle to the pavement, allowing starting and braking performance is made possible by one of the most important elements of our car: the tires. For this reason, we must pay attention to a number of factors before launching their acquisition, do you want to know?

Dimensions, conditions of use and climatologically level are some of the points we have to consider when buying tires from our partner four wheels. These made from rubber parts have reinforcing threads texture. Depending on the latter, we can find the radio, used by cars today, which will provide cover increased strength and stability; the diagonal, where the layers are arranged following these same forms, and self-supporting, which layers are arranged one above another in a straight direction along flanks.

Tips for Buying tiresKeys to buy tires

Turning to some of the points made in previous lines to purchase tires, the best we can do before changing is our new ones having the same size as the original. To find out, what you have to do is observe the side or the side of the tire current. If they leave not change the four tires are advisable different tires on the same axle.

When changing the dimension of tire can be increased surface thereof in contact with the ground. In the event that the width is greater, the vehicle behavior is better dry and wet gets worse. If you opt for a set of low profile tires with reduced sidewalls, they can be collected over uneven ground, reducing comfort levels.

As for the 4 × 4 vehicles it is ideal that your tires are equipped with the same models, both in terms of size, brand, load index and speed.

Before you buy tires at a good price, we confirm that they are approved by the community, so we have to look if the units carry the CE quality mark on its side drawing. We must not overlook either the date of expiration of the tires, which often is inscribed on the surface of the gum.

With regard to the use we give to our vehicle, the truth is that if our movements are in town, it is best to purchase tires with the same braking distance on wet road; tires last longer by numerous stops and starts that require a vehicle in the city and tires with low rolling resistance save fuel since. If we now move on the motorway it is advisable to opt for tires that offer quality comfort high in terms of vibration and noise.

Finally, in respect to environmental conditions and weather, we consider that on wet roads, worn tires need more distance to stop. The braking distance on a wet road is three times greater, than on a dry road and, equally, a tire in good condition evacuates water much faster than the rest. The legal minimum depth of 1, 6 mm.

What factors you pay attention when you buy tires for your car?

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