DS5, highly technological and dynamic

Cutting – edge design, dynamic and safe driving, hypnotic and maximum bet glance the latest technology is what characterizes the new DS5, do you want to know the wonder of this new vehicle? Then do not miss this medium with which you can explore the galaxy in a matter of seconds.

Dreams often lead us to live experiences of great intensity and fly over the ends of the earth as if we traveled aboard an aircraft. A similar feeling is that you can feel every time your fingers rub against the wheel of the new DS5. If there is something to this new jewel of the road it is precisely characterized by the incorporation into their structure of the latest technology.

DS5 new, highly technological and dynamicThe new DS5 commitment to cutting-edge technology

Indeed, the attractiveness of his gaze lies in the commitment to a DS LED Vision technology , complete with new steerable headlights, able to associate power Xenon headlights with LED modules, fog lights with cornering function light or intermittent progressive never before seen in the market. Both under the darkness of night as the light of a radiant sun, deep look futuristic and new DS5 is totally recognizable thanks to the 3 integrated headlights that shine like stars in the firmament half modules.

To all this we must add the automatic switching on of lights and road junction, which will not only improve your visibility in road travel, but at the same time, strengthen your safety and that of your family.

Imported fighters aviation, technology Head up display lets you gain maximum control of each and every one of the features of your vehicle, projecting color on a transparent sheet all the essential data to make an effective and safe driving.

The comfort of the new DS5 is also found represented in this vehicle thanks to its technology. More specifically we can refer to the incorporation of a glass ceiling “cockpit” with three areas individually concealable light, leads located in the door panels and roof and animation driving position when starting the vehicle.

Through its touch screen 7 inches you can access the diverse functionality of your vehicle through different menus for navigation, internet, telephone, audio, settings and functions driving car. Besides all this, this display brings us the “function New Mirror Screen”, which will increase smartphone applications compatible with driving the vehicle display?

Another of its technological marvels we find represented in the so – called DS Connect, a free device available 24 hours a day and works through an integrated and Sim card, including emergency calls and localized assistance. All this is complemented with rear view camera, intelligent traction control, hands – free access and start-inflated tires detector, intelligent headlights Smartbeam or cornering light function.

But beyond its technological wonders, the new DS5 also respects the most of the environment by improving consumption and C02 emissions into the atmosphere through the Hybrid4 technology. Sustainable mobility, increased acceleration in sport and reduction of pollutants to 99 g / km so are some of the advantages of powerful and efficient engines of the new DS5.

What you think about you the new DS5 and its advantages in technology?

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