Use PLC when the WiFi does not come with intensity

Is the WIFI does not come with enough intensity? From our technology blog we propose to use PLC. With the increase of devices capable of connecting to the Internet, our need for connection anywhere in the house it is higher.

Our WiFi router can be placed in the living room and for work or leisure; we have to have wireless signal in a room away from the point source. The remoteness of the point and setting the house might make the signal does not arrive. We know of the existence of repeaters wireless signal but the signal can reach us also be weak and intermittent, which would lead to the same problem connecting.

Use PLC when the WiFi does not come with intensityNetworks PLC: What are they and how do they work?

To solve signal problems exist PLC. Some devices capable of transmitting the signal via the mains to the point where we want.

Operation of the PLC

A PLC adapter has an Ethernet port to connect to the network cable, and an electrical outlet. Usually they are usually sold in pairs but there are more elements systems. The first thing to do is connect one of the PLC to the mains and the sender Internet router signal. The second of the PLC it also connect to the electricity grid in the room or place where we want to have Internet connection. So easy, plug in your computer, television, etc. the second PLC placed and already have Internet access.

Features PLC

The main features are simplicity of connection, the speed of data transmission and reception reliability.

We can change the location of our PLC to provide Internet connection in any room.

As main precaution, we have to connect the adapter PLC the only electrical outlet. This is nothing to connect it to a power strip or thieves, since its operation will be defective, stooping device performance.

There Are several types of models PLC, from the simplest to only Ethernet port, passing by incorporating an outlet until which incorporate WiFi transmission system, to expand our wireless zone from the new connection point.

From now on we will not have coverage problems for our internet connection.

What do you think this information on the use of the PLC when the WiFi does not come with intensity?

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