Marketing tips for increasing your website’s revenue potential in 2016

A good website can be a powerful tool for marketing your brand and bringing in website traffic, but a poorly run website can destroy your brand’s reputation. Online marketing is not easy, and website owners walk a fine line when they send out email messages and promote their websites on social media. How can you make sure that you get the attention your website deserves, without alienating customers by pushing your brand too hard?

Marketing tips for increasing your websites revenue potential in 2016

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Understand that the web is still real life

One thing that many brand owners forget is that the web is still a part of the real world. You aren’t selling to search engines, and your customers aren’t robots. No matter how brilliantly designed your website is, you won’t sell umbrellas in the middle of a heatwave (unless you rebrand them as parasols) and you won’t sell sunscreen in December. Plan for seasonal changes, and plan for unexpected world events too. Your customers will only buy if they have a need for your products. You can educate them and feed the need, but you will struggle to create a need that objectively does not exist.

The user experience

If you plan ahead for sudden changes in demand you will be able to change your marketing more quickly in response to that – perhaps promoting other products or running new discounts. Being adaptable matters a lot, and will help you a great deal.

However, the biggest thing that you should be paying attention to is the end user experience. There is a lot to be said for minimalistic design. Clean, clear designs with lots of whitespace are effective for several reasons. Firstly, they put the information that you want to convey in a prominent place, and secondly, they make you stop and think about exactly what it is that you want to get across to your users. Through clear contrast, good balance, striking text and the use of negative space you can direct the user’s attention to the most important pieces of information and help them to find the things that interest them.

Simple by design

Modern web designs may look clean and simple, but it takes skill to convey a clear brand message using such designs. That’s why it’s a good idea to pay a visit to a company that does web design in Northampton should your business be based there of course, and talk to them face to face so that they can get to know your brand. When work with brand owners, they take the time to really understand the brand so that there is no confusion and no dilution of the brand message when you are working with them.

The future of web design is clean, simple and chrome free. Pay attention to the websites you use the most, and think about the features you love. Could you add endless scrolling, flyout menus or the creative use of design elements like negative space to your website?

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