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The ‘Great British Bake Off’ burst onto our screens a few years ago and although there has been a change of judge and presenters the popular television programme is going from strength to strength with spin of shows such as ‘Celebrity British Bake Off’ and ‘Bake Off the Professionals’.

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The original ‘Great British Bake Off’ saw amateur bakers challenged to make a variety of items during gruelling rounds where they were then judged on their presentation and flavour combinations. The rounds included a secret recipe challenge where they were given a few elements of a recipe and all the ingredients and expected to come close to the desired outcome with sometimes very few instructions at all. The technical challenge saw they creating an items that tested their baking skills and finally they battled it out in the show stopper challenge where they were asked to create magnificent pieces that not only tantalised the taste buds but were also aesthetically pleasing.

The show has become a staple on our televisions and people all over the country take the ides of a bake off challenge and incorporate it into their business,. Whether this is running an event to raise money for charity or in schools as a way to help children with their maths learning and teaching them valuable life skills and also in Care homes in Somerset such as to help the residents to feel a part of a community.

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The new format ‘Bake Off the Professionals’ sees professional pastry chefs pair up into teams to battle against other partnerships from establishments such as The Savoy, Hilton Hotels and even Silverstone. These teams are put through their paces in a variety of patisserie challenges set by Benoit Blin who is a highly accomplished French pastry chef who has worked in establishments like the Ritz in Paris and Cherish Finden an equally accomplished chef who has worked at the likes of London’s Langham hotel.  What these two both have is a passion and desire for what they do.

What these programs have done is reignite the passion inside people and help others to find a passion for baking. Home bakers who have a talent for all things cake and pastry have been given an opportunity to showcase they baking flair. In turn there has been an increase in the number of people setting up their own bakery businesses – whether this is creating celebration and wedding cakes, catering for events and functions or opening café and traditional bakery style ships.


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