Microsoft launches new Windows 10 beta full of new features in its design, Edge and Cortana

Follow the countdown for the release of the update Creators Update of Windows 10, and to ease the wait Microsoft continues to launch new betas in its Insider Preview program. In them we can discover the new functionalities that are to come , both those that have been announced and those that have not.

This dawn has released a new build, the 15007, and as we read in Softpedia is full of new features. Many of them are aimed at further improving their Microsoft Edge browser, but they have also started to showcase their new system of themes, new features for the Cortana wizard and improvements for Windows Hello.

What’s on the way to Windows 10?

The novelty protagonist has undoubtedly been the official confirmation of the new system of personalized themes of Windows 10. It has been rumored for a month, and today Microsoft has finally officially presented the function. You can not install themes but you can see their section in the store, but with it promise that we can install free and paid items directly from the app store.

The second major player is Microsoft Edge, which despite losing users continues to receive new features to make it increasingly competitive. On this occasion, the novelties are the possibility of sharing tabs that we have left aside and the great absentee in its first months of life, the possibility of importing history, passwords and markers from other browsers.

Microsoft’s browser also implements a new web note system that, according to Microsoft, is very similar to Windows Ink. In addition, the system for loading and using applications for web pages has been improved.

Cortana has also taken a step closer to convergence and being able to be used on different computers by the same user. From now on it will work between teams, so that when we go from one computer to another we can take back what we were doing with the assistant at the same point where we left off.

This makes, for example, that when we are working on a text document on a computer with Cortana enabled, when switching computers we can resume the text exactly at the same point as long as we use the same account. This new feature will be compatible with different applications.

And finally, the notifications system will incorporate a progress bar, of the style of the downloads. Hello Windows also improves a visual guide that tracks the face in real time, new APIs that enable Bluetooth GATT server, and better connectivity Bluetooth LE not paired devices.

Many of these developments have already been leaked on unreleased builds for all, and now finally can be tested by a larger number of users. Gradually Windows 10 Update is taking Creators colored, although in the remaining months until its release in April certainly some more features are being incorporated.

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