Why Electroless Nickel Plating is so Beneficial

In today’s modern world, science and technology have brought us many marvellous things that we can use to improve our lives. Many of these things are well known, such as the internet and mobile phones, but there are also lots of scientific processes that go on behind the scenes and are little known that give us the ability to construct and invent many of the modern luxuries that we take for granted.

One of these processes that is used to give things a tougher finish that is less resistant to corrosion is electroless nickel coating. This is a highly specialised process that is provided by companies like https://www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments/electroless-nickel-plating/ and is used by all manner of industries to make their products safe and efficient – from the parts used in aerospace, to home construction, to the energy industry such as oil and gas, many of the products and structures in our everyday lives have been through this process in order to make them suitable for the jobs that they do.

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The basic premise of this process is that it deposits a layer of a Nickel and Phosphorus alloy – the balance of this can vary depending on the requirements, but this is a type of coating that has many benefits.

It is a reliable treatment that is commonly used – here are some of the advantages to using electroless nickel plating…

Protection from Corrosion – Something that many industries are keen to protect from is corrosion. Protecting materials from this means that they last longer and are also much safer. Using this process is ideal as it protects against things that commonly cause these kinds of issues, such as salt water and oxygen, things that are easily found in many places.

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Strength and Hardness – There are many variations of electroless nickel plating that can be used but all will improve the hardness of an object. The hardness and corrosion protection are changeable depending on the type of plating, and the percentage of nickel and phosphorus that are used. The standard rule is the greater the hardness the lower the protection is from corrosion. Unless an extreme is required, most plating’s will be a mid-level offering protection from both.

An Even Coating – This is a process which gives an even coating over the whole item. It is not something that will leave some parts more coated than others, so it is perfect for those very precise tools and parts that are needed for things like engineering and construction for example.

High Quality and Cost Effective – The finish that is achieved from the electroless nickel plating process is always a high standard, and it is also a very cost effective way to achieve this. Using this finish also extends the life of the parts being plated to it is long term and also very cost effective.

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