Reduce the Risk of Fire With Fire Safety Training

Whatever your business does, fire safety training is not only something that should be done to help keep everyone on site safe and reduce the risk of a fire breaking out, but it is also something required by law.

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In a workplace you need to make sure that you have a professional like this fire risk assessment Cheltenham based company come and complete a fire risk assessment. This is something that identifies all the fire hazards in the workplace and then allows you to put things into place to mitigate these risks. These range from storage of flammable materials in safer places, to having the correct fire extinguishers in the right areas.

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Fire safety training starts on the first day of work for any new employee and should be part of the training given to all new staff. However, it is important that the knowledge and awareness of fire safety is kept up to date and providing refresher courses on at least an annual basis is also something that you should do.

If you have lots of new staff coming and going regularly, or you work in a place where you are responsible for more vulnerable people, such as a care home, hospital or nursery, fire safety training should be done more frequently.

Fire safety training should include the correct working practices that reduce the risk of fire such as working safely with, and storing flammable materials correctly, as well as what should be done in the event of a fire breaking out on the premises.

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