How long does it take to convert a loft?

The length of time it takes to convert your loft depends on its size and the availability of your builder. The availability of materials and the season can affect how quickly things move. Winter weather is one factor. Talk to your builder about a written project deadline and a contingency plan in case of delays.

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Knowing what is involved in each stage can help you to estimate how long it will take. You should also know which elements are dependent on one another.

Plan your project.

  • Assessing suitability: Before you dive in, make sure your roof is capable of handling the conversion. For an expert opinion, consult with builders, surveyors or architects. For Loft Conversions Exeter, visit
  • Crafting your Vision: Work closely with a designer to create detailed plans that reflect the layout and use you desire.
  • To get approval, start your research on building regulations, party walls agreements, planning permission, and permitted developments to make sure your project meets local requirements.

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Choose your team:

  • How to choose the right builder: Compare at least three quotes from builders who have experience with loft conversions. The FMB’s Find A Builder search tool will help you locate loft conversion specialists in your locality who have been vetted, independently inspected and are able to provide references.
  • Signing the contract: Ensure your chosen builder by securing a written agreement, outlining the timeline and finalising the plan of work.
  • Partitioning Your Space: The internal walls will be constructed by your builders, usually with plasterboard, insulation and timber studwork. In the event that your loft has an en suite, make sure your builder uses water-resistant materials in this room (such as moisture resistant plasterboard).

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