The Nation’s Favourite Cakes

Recent surveys report that 20 percent of people eat cake at least two or even three times per week in the UK.

Brits are more adventurous and love to experiment with their cake choices which is great news for cake makers. We’re purchasing and consuming more cake than ever!

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Cakes are perfect for any occasion, be it a celebration or a simple boost to your day and it seems our love affair with cake isn’t set to end any time soon. If this has inspired you to want afternoon tea, then consider Afternoon tea boxes from a site like

Studies show that classic cakes remain popular but new styles are also becoming more popular. We are also enjoying fresh ways to order cakes, such as online or by delivery.

Lemon drizzle varieties are a popular dessert across the nation, and not only in one area. According to a study, the chocoholics can be found in Scotland while the Welsh cannot get enough carrot cake.

North Westers love a moist traditional Victoria sponge, but South Easters prefer a fruity cake.

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Here are our most loved cakes by region:

Do you agree with the following choices of the top cakes in the country?

  • North West – Lemon and Victoria Sponges
  • North East – Madeira Cake and Victoria
  • West Midlands – Cherry varieties along with Coffee Cake
  • East Midlands – Lemon and other fruit cakes
  • Wales – Carrot Cake and Lemon Drizzles
  • South West – Walnut Cake, Coffee Cake and Caramels
  • South East – Fruit Cakes and Lemon
  • Yorkshire – Bakewell Tarts and Victoria Sponges
  • East Anglia – Chocolate Cake along with Lemon Drizzle
  • Scotland – Chocolate Cake and Cherry Cake
  • N Ireland – Dried Fruit Cakes
  • London – Cupcakes and Vegan

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