The Renault Mégane, improved

The Renault Megane is one of the most successful cars of recent years. This is attested by his sales leadership in the market. This situation of privilege does not want to escape to the French mark and proposes new improvements in its flagship. The new Renault Megane wins a few aesthetic touches inside and outside and tries to optimize its performance and presentations thanks to the latest mechanical Energy.

The Renault Mégane, improvedThe Renault Mégane has been improved its appearance thanks to the front bumper, black enameled, with lights for day and a new design LED fog lights with chrome edge in some versions. Also, depending on the version, you can choose different designs for the roof as well as various types of tires, including the new Dynamique.

In addition, it includes the system Visio System, with alert in case of exit of lane, assistant of start for complicated situations and automatic lights of long reach.

The new Energy engines equipped system, one petrol and two 115 hp diesel 110 and 130 hp promise a reduction of pollutant emissions and consumption. None of the three engines exceeds 120 g / km of CO2 emission, nor the 5.3 l / 100 km of fuel consumption.

As for the sportiest versions of new Mégane, they are equipped with engines with the same basic mechanical Energy but more powerful, coming in the case of Mégane RS to 265 hp. In any case, the mechanical Energy are the most important improvements in appearance new Mégane. The technology of Formula 1 is present in them, such as by termogestión systems, optimization in reducing friction and use of particularly stable and resistant materials.

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