The Problems Faced By People With Disabilities When Travelling

The problems faced by disabled people when travelling are quite numerous. One of the major issues for disabled travellers is accommodation, as many facilities do not provide suitable wheelchair space or are too small to meet the needs of disabled people. Many disabled people end up spending their holiday in hotels which aren’t suitable for them. For disabled travellers the most common problem faced is the lack of access to places of interest and enjoyment.

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The problems faced by disabled people when travelling can also include not enough access to accessible transportation. This can cause stress and anxiety for the disabled person and can even lead to depression. Some disabled people may even find travelling a traumatic experience. This situation is usually made worse if the disabled person has limited mobility or if they are travelling alone. For information on WAV Vehicles, visit a site like clarke mobility wav vehicles

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The problems faced by disabled people when travelling may seem daunting, but with the right attitude and strategy they can be overcome. The disabled community in the UK has developed more public transport links as well as accessibility provision for disabled facilities and adapted car parks and facilities. Disabled people and their carers should also be made to feel welcome and have as much access to places of entertainment and places of work as possible. It’s important that those with limited mobility are able to spend their holidays in comfort and peace, rather than worrying about whether their disability will prevent them from having a holiday they want to enjoy.

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