Leopard SpeedX wants to be the first ‘smart bike’ highway within reach of many pockets

We do not usually bring Xataka many bicycles, unless it’s something really interesting, we mainly stopped to review models with electric propulsion, or special designs. The case before us today is that of a ‘traditional’ bike, where you have to give many pedals, the novelty lies in the integration of the latest technology in it. Let’s meet SpeedX Leopard.

Design firm Frog Design has been responsible for shaping they call the “intelligent road bike,” the first of its kind. The reality is that it has very interesting solutions from the point of view of integration, but none of them is really revolutionary, what is the price itself, so is causing a sensation in financing platforms.

Leopard SpeedX wants to be the first smart bike highway within reach of many pocketsThe company already was very successful in a previous campaign with Indiegogo, in this case with a computer for the bike, now returns to him directly placed on the handlebars of the SpeedX Leopard, plus a lot of good ideas.

To begin commenting that we have a bike ready -made ​​carbon, the material used road bikes professional level. They tell us that carbon is T1000 type box and weighs 1.2 kilos.

A feeling Kickstarter

Okay, there are many bikes similar in this regard and can go to stores to buy them, but there are very interesting things in its design: the brake wiring and communications are all integrated. If we go to a Trek Madone 9.2, we ask for a million pesetas for having this type of design, Specialized Venge Pro VIAS is considerably more expensive.

The SpeedX Leopard has a starting price of just over $ 1200; believe me, that’s a very low amount for everything it offers. Hence, if we go through its funding platform we have already raised nearly $900,000 – in a couple of days – and have 25 days ahead to get more support.

For those who want more, you can also spend more. There is a model SpeedX Leopard ‘Pro’ that changes the group’s latest Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic. It also puts more carbon fiber in the set: handlebar and wheels.

The bike will be put into production in July 2016, and on the basis of interest, does not seem that there will be too much trouble to carry out the project. It should not take too long to reach its first buyers. Curiously, at the end of the video we introduce a model mountain bike.

Special items in SpeedX Leopard

The bicycle is technologically speaking distinguished by having a screen of 2.4 inches integrated into the handlebars, it all possible information is displayed in real time, from cadence speed, through climate time.

Obviously we analyze and information that we face are captured from sensors that are distributed on the bike, transparent to our eyes. The intelligent system is accompanied with certain doses of social component, with which to share and compete with our contacts.

They tell us that the system battery can have a range of about 800 kilometers, more than 40 hours of use and recharges in half an hour. The package is completed with intelligent lights – automatically turn – also integrated into the bike.

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