Task Manager Deluxe, a portable and more complete alternative to Windows Task Manager

The task manager is one of those tools that most take for granted, and the truth is that many times can be really useful depending on the situation. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft gave some extra love and added interesting features that even novice users can take advantage of, such as the ability to restart the file explorer directly from there, or define programs that start with system.

Now, if you want to get even more detailed information and better organized than the solution integrated into your system, an alternative like Task Manager Deluxe might be what you were looking for. In addition, you can carry the program on a USB stick and run it on any computer, as it is a portable application.

Task Manager Deluxe, a portable and more complete alternative to Windows Task ManagerTask Manager Deluxe is freeware, but accepts donations if you think the project deserves support with a few cents. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. The download file barely exceeds 3 MB and only contains one executable inside a compressed package. All you have to do to start using it is to extract the .exe to a folder and double-click it.

At a glance you may notice that there are a few extra pieces of information if you compare it to the Windows Task Manager. For example, the process tree displays a description directly, something that you should see in the Processes tab in the Windows tool. You can also see the date you started the process, the type of application (32 or 64 bits) and you have options to finish, monitor the process, get information about the windows and elevate the privileges directly from the monitor.

At the top you can see a small monitor with several interesting indicators, for example, it shows the application that is consuming more RAM at that time. Not surprising to see Chrome there so outstanding. If you double click on that element, you can open a window with details about the process that shows an overwhelming amount of information.

The autoruns tabs (applications that start with the system automatically) are rather more detailed than the Task Manager. The same goes for network monitor, disk monitor, and performance graphics.

In addition to this you have a tab with detailed information of your system , showing from the model and brand of your computer, data on each hardware component, operating system version, and even detects installed antimalware tools.

Basically, Task Manager Deluxe does everything the Windows Task Manager does and adds new things. Personally it was enough to use it a first time to feel that although it does not have the most beautiful interface in the world, it has so much information and organizes it so well, that I find it more comfortable than the Microsoft tool.

My favorite part: it has a search engine. That is to say that you can directly search an annoying process to finish it without having to scroll for 5 minutes looking at an endless list.

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