Learn to tie the laces of your running shoes according to your needs

How do you tie your shoelaces in your running shoes? It may seem a simple question but in reality it is not so simple: there are many different ways to tie the laces depending on what our needs are. Perhaps you have very high tops or you feel too much pressure in the front of the foot: for each of these problems there is a perfect loop that will make things much easier.

The key for the shoes to fit perfectly

If you feel that your foot “dances” inside the shoe or that you even get blisters when running, there is a very simple solution to prevent this from happening, and it is by using those “extra holes” that practically all the shoes have on the side. superior and that we almost never use.

It is the type of lacing that we can see first in the video: we simply draw a circle introducing the cord through the hole above that we would free, and introduce the other end of the cord for it to be securely fastened. Then we finished with a normal loop. In this way the shoe is perfectly adjusted and the ankle is well attached.

If your shoes do not have that “extra hole” on the top, you can draw the circle by inserting the cord into the same hole (as shown in the second case of the video) and pass the other end of the cord as we have Done before. The foot will be fixed and you will save pain and blisters.

How to tie the laces if you have high tops

The high insteps are the problem of many runners (the one that concerns me, for example) and one of the most frequent reasons why it is difficult to find comfortable shoes. In the third case of the video they teach us how to tie the laces to relieve that pressure in the insteps so annoying and that can get us to stop during a workout or race.

We simply have to locate the area in which the tongue or the upper of the shoe cause us pressure and avoid crossing the laces above, carrying them on the sides. This way we will be able to eliminate the pressure and run more comfortably without risk of the shoe moving.

How to tie the laces if you have wide forefoot

Some of the models of the running shoes tend to have the area of ​​the toe (the part in front of the foot, towards the fingers) rather narrower than the heel, especially in the case of shoes especially made for women. If your forefoot area is wide you should make sure that the shoes you buy do not hurt you in this area and are as comfortable as possible.

Even so, another way to tie the laces to release the pressure in the forefoot area (the fourth and last we see in the video) is not to make the crossing in the first holes, but to pass the laces on the sides until the second row of eyelets or third if we consider it necessary.

These simple tips help us run in a more comfortable and comfortable way and can be very useful now that the heat comes and our feet tend to swell when we are training.

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