From 67 to 100 hp gasoline, safer and better equipped, this is the new Kia Picanto

With a pint possibly more aggressive than many we expected we met a few weeks ago the Picanto GT Line, a small utility with a very adrenalinic look. Now, just before the Geneva Motor Show we know more details of the rest of the Kia Picanto range and is still a car of contained dimensions very palatable.

Already for its third generation and following the footsteps of the rest of its family becomes an increasingly mature product that stands out for having better quality of finishes, more technology and greater customization options without quarreling with a content price. Not in vain is one of the best-selling Kia worldwide.

Accessible, complete and very result

Kia has sold in five years 1.4 million Picanto of the previous generation worldwide, 300,000 of them in Europe. With such figures it is difficult not to try to improve a product that works very well, but without leaving the characteristics that make the little Kia a car so popular.

Designed half-way between Namyang (Korea) and Frankfurt (Germany), on the outside it maintains the lines used in the previous generation and takes them a little further. The first impression is that of a daring and modern car with straight lines with a lot of visual force, even closer to the European style.

From 67 to 100 hp gasoline, safer and better equipped, this is the new Kia PicantoThe wheelbase has grown 15 mm to 2,400 mm while the overhangs have been shortened (25 mm in the case of the front) while the overall length remains unchanged (3,595 mm), which gives a more Occupying the same space.

The nose is presided over by the common tiger-nose in the Kia range that joins both lighthouses and luckily retains much of the language used in the GT-Line version. The bumper is what most changes although it maintains a great central air intake escorted by two smaller ones to the sides that integrate the fog lights. The new Picanto is illuminated with optical groups with LED indicators and daytime running lights.

On the side of the five- and three-door versions we still see horizontal lines such as the waistline that culminates in the rear light and discrete but marked wheel arches . Coming to the rear the impressive pillar C welcomes us to a cantilever that in this case is 10 mm longer (520 mm).

Interior to the European taste

We go inside and we come across a passenger compartment that uses new materials and a different, more horizontal distribution to gain in sensation of amplitude within its contained dimensions. Although it is focused on a young audience, it uses an elegant and unashamed language, nothing trivial.

Behind the steering wheel two conventional analogue watches with black background and white graphics enclose a small digital monochrome screen while the infotainment system focuses on a touch screen with buttons on the sides that integrates most of the features. With the exception of the air conditioning that is in the low zone, practically the whole surface is clean and separated by a horizontal chrome molding and the aerators.

Kia promises us that the new Picanto will make a smarter distribution of interior space and occupants will gain in space for the head and legs, positioning itself as the space leader of segment A. For example, the entire dashboard is now 15mm higher for Leave room to the legs of the front squares. The folding central armrest and several storage compartments are also new.

One of the weaknesses in these cars is the trunk, and the fifth generation of the Picanto improves its capacity from 200 to 255 liters (VDA) with the possibility of carrying to 1,010 if we hit the rear seats (60:40). The seats have active headrests and the rear folding maneuver has also been simplified.

Revised and fine-tuned behavior

As it is much more than some makeup, the new Kia Picanto uses a new set-up of chassis and suspensions . The independent MacPherson strut front and the rear torsional shaft have been revised to match with the battle increase and contain with more rotundity of the body, the front stabilizer bar is 2% more rigid and 5% the rear, both count With new locations more effective.

The chassis at the same time is 23 kg lighter and 32% stiffer than the outgoing model. The floor, pillars A and B, roof rails and engine compartment have steel reinforcements to reinforce the central structure of the car, as well as the use of 67 meters of joints using structural adhesive.

Additional measures have been taken to improve ride comfort and generate a greater quality feel with a stronger insulation, new engine mounts and repositioning of windshield wipers to minimize aerodynamic noise.

At the wheel we will find a revised, more direct address. Now from one end to the other there are 2.8 laps compared to 3.4 of the previous model, which translates into a more vivid reaction in maneuvers at low speed and easier handling.

Three petrol engines from 67 to 100 hp

At the moment of its commercialization we will have two gasoline engines of 1.0 and 1.25 liters MPI , to which will be added another 1.0 T-GDI as top of the range with 100 HP. Only one of them can equip an automatic gearbox, 1.25 MPI.

  • Petrol 1.0 MPI (67 hp and 96 Nm of torque), five-speed manual
  • Petrol 1.25 MPI (84 hp and 122 Nm torque), five-speed manual or automatic four
  • Petrol 1.0 T-GDI (100 hp and 174 Nm of torque), five-speed manual

The security is one of the strengths of this new generation as it is the first segment A in having torque vectoring braking in conjunction with the electronic stability control ESC. It will also equip six airbags, Stability Management (VSM), emergency braking (AEB).

As a general rule in the brand, the new Kia Picanto will come with a seven year warranty or 150,000 km and will be available starting next spring.

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