Keep an Eye on these Things to Prevent Common Causes of Vehicle Breakdown

Setting off in your car only to break down is one of life’s annoying problems – but there are lots of ways that you can reduce your chances of a vehicle breaking down. There are things to look out for that if you find early enough will prevent you from having to experience breaking down. Here are the top reasons for breakdowns and how to look out for them…

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Car Keys and Alarm Systems – The things that can often keep our cars safe from theft can also cause problems to the owner of the vehicle. Locking keys inside the car and also problems with alarms and immobilisers can be solved by always keeping a spare key about your person, or even with a trusted friend or family member.

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Wheels – One of the main parts of the car, the wheels have to endure a lot and often things can happen. Punctures are a common problem and sometimes are unavoidable, but it is important to regularly check tyres and the tyre pressure. As well as this wheels can be damaged which is dangerous so should be repaired by an expert like this alloy repair Gloucester based company.

Fuel – It can be easily done, putting petrol into a diesel car or vice versa, but if you do this the crucial thing to do is to act as soon as you realise what you have done. It is best to not start the engine at all, in which case the fuel can be easily pumped out by a mechanic, the further you have driven the car the more work may need to be done to clear the fuel out of the car.

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