Does your office building overheat in the summer?

Flowers will soon start to bloom and the weather will start to improve and temperatures will steadily rise until we reach the hot temperatures of the summer. Things at work can become more unpleasant as temperatures rise. Suddenly, in the midst of a Mediterranean heatwave, we find ourselves trying to function. It’s no fun at all for those trapped in small offices without air conditioning, and technology, like our computers, cell phones and tablets, will start to overheat too.

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Solar Film

In order to avoid sun glare, heat gain and to minimise energy costs, films may be added to windows. A solar film can help avoid the intense discomfort faced by employees. An additional advantage is that a film offers one-way daytime vision with extra protection.


Brise Soleil

The integration of a brise soleil into a building’s design means protection from increasing heat temperatures due to heat gain. By reflecting sunlight away from the house it reduces the amount of build up.

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Air Conditioning

When workers are hot and flustered, morale declines. Installing air conditioning can be a safe investment and can be set at 22 degrees C, which is the optimal temperature for indoor work and productivity. People begin to feel uncomfortable at 25, hot at 28, and there is a heat stress risk at 35.

Opening the Doors

In addition to the sun pounding through the window, computers produce a lot of heat. Leaving the outer door open is one easy, free way to optimise any breeze or air flow. Often, due to air or noise pollution, this is not always possible, in which case you may have to settle for only open windows.

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