Keeping the Nation’s Food Products Safe

No matter which product is selected at the supermarket – boxed or bagged, organic or conventionally grown – multiple steps have been taken to bring it to the shelf. These steps include a lot of shoving, pushing, strapping down and carrying. Items have been boxed and stacked and pallet wrappers have been used to bring them undamaged to the store.

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Managing Picky Consumers

It has been said again and again that consumers regularly overlook the oddly shaped fruit and vegetables and go straight for the more conventional shapes. It’s not just fresh food that gets this treatment; boxed, tinned and bagged food is also scrutinised for damage. It is part of our consumer awareness to look out for the inferior. After all, there are also the dangers of food tampering to consider. In fact, most shops and supermarkets won’t accept a shipment that shows any signs of damage. It might seem like an environmentally questionable choice, but stores know it won’t sell.

Taking Safety Seriously

Although it is not often discussed, selectively choosing the best-looking boxes makes sense. Why would anyone pay the same price for a broken box as they would for an unbroken box? A broken box or bulging tin is a sign that the environment inside the packaging might have been compromised. Furthermore, the UK government recommends that both domestic and commercial consumers don’t buy goods that appear to be damaged.

Ensuring Safe and Cost-Effective Food Transportation

The cost of financing damaged goods can be a significant one. No one wants to hear that stock has been damaged on their watch, but if that stock wasn’t suitably wrapped for transport, who is at fault? For this reason, more and more large and small businesses are visiting companies who offer everything from pallet wrappers through packaging-machines. By ensuring your product is perfectly pelleted and wrapped before it leaves your premises, businesses can rest assured they have taken every action to see it safely to the store.

Every producer does their best to safeguard their product and knows that most consumers look to a product’s appearance to determine its safety. The number of suppliers in the food products market has exploded. Managing and controlling the look and unspoilt quality of your external wrapping is essential for gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.

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