The Best Solution for your company that an experienced, environmentally aware Filling and Packing Service can achieve.

When your company needs an experienced, environmentally aware, Contract Filling and Packing Service, for the best solution and outcome, contact the professionals.  A company with over thirty years of experience working with major multinational companies as well as small independent businesses.  A company that can cater for any product you need packaging and who have a full ISO certification that includes, health and safety, quality and environmental awareness. Being part of Sedex they play their part by driving forward improvements in responsible and environmental business practice and ethics.  Working with you and your product no matter what it is or how you want it packaged.

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Any liquid or dry powder product can be easily filled using their state-of-the-art machines operated by their highly trained dedicated staff. These professionals offer a bespoke service that’s individually tailored for your company.  They can fill a sachet or a bucket just as easily as a tube or a pail, they can incorporate whatever stopper you choose to use and they can provide you with a complete service that speeds up the process of getting your product from packing, delivered and onto the shop floor.

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These professional contract fillers and packers have the capacity to complete an accurate and fast turn-a-round using their highly flexible production lines. Your precious products will arrive safely, on time and with no fuss, filled and packaged by a company that is committed to minimising any environmental negative impacts.

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