The coming of Tommy Hilfiger to the Fashion scene

One of the most interesting and influential brands of fashion clothing to hit the scene is that of Tommy Hilfiger. This American designer has certainly had to claw his way to the top and establish his brand. This is not the type of person born with a silver spoon. In fact this was quite the opposite. Tommy was born, as the second of nine children, in an unremarkable part of New York State. It was clear that academically he wasn’t gifted and that further education was not going to be an option. Therefore the young Hilfiger realised that he would need to make his fortune elsewhere and in other ventures.

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Nowadays Tommy Hilfiger Clothes are available from but to start with he just went Manhattan and began buying clothes cheaply to sell back to his mates. He had an eye for what looked good and he used the money to open a shop. It lasts 6 years, falingin he says down to his own mismanagement. This led him to start thinking about his own designs. He was bored and uninspired by the latest offerings so he came up with his own.

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Assembling a team, Hilfiger started up Tommy Hill as a fashion house. Then he caught a break. An Indian entrepreneur and clothing expert was impressed with his designs. A huge billboard in Times Square screamed the opening of this exciting new clothing wear label with the distinctive red white and blue logo. The brand became extremely popular as it still is today.

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