Where Can I Buy Aran Sweaters

The Aran Sweaters is a very unique style of sweater that takes its name from the Aran Islands of western Ireland. The Aran jumper is traditionally a solid white in colour, however nowadays there are many different coloured versions to choose from. Most of these are very attractive especially for women, as they have a very stylish yet casual look about them, which makes them suitable for almost any occasion. You can find some great options at companies like Shamrock Gift where you will be sure to find a sweater to suit your stylings.

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The Aran Sweaters were originally knit by fishermen from the western shore of the island, who were able to knit them while working on their boats. The sweater was first used by fishermen on the Island of Aran at the head of Galway Bay.  However due to its durability, the sweater soon became hugely popular among fashionistas. The sweater was worn by celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Kate Moss as well as many other well known people. This gave the fashion world a new idea of what a great sweater could look like and how it could be marketed.

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The new version of Aran sweaters are highly skilled knitters’ products which are machine made and not knitted by the fishermen of the island. The new versions have a completely different feel to them in comparison to the original Irish sweaters. Unlike the original ones, these new ones have been designed by fully trained knitters with a lot more thought put into their designs. The new designs also feature a cable knit style around the upper part of the garment, which helps the sweater keep the shape of your body.

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