How to Put Consumers in a ‘Buying’ Mood

Every retailer wants to be able to increase sales in their store. But how can we put consumers into the mood to buy? It may well be easier at the end of the month when those paycheques have come in and everyone wants to treat themselves and their families for the weekend – but what about during those quieter retail periods when it’s an uphill struggle to hit targets? These methods can all help.

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Scent Marketing

Many stores are now investing in scent marketing to encourage their customers to buy. The power of smell has a huge influence on our mood and what we do. IKEA is one brand using a variety of scents across its retail warehouses to help create an integrated marketing experience. Customers smell the cinnamon buns, the scented candles and the sweet fragrance of flowers as they tour the premises.


All stores use music to help create an experience, and the right kind of music can help to encourage that decision to buy. Customers tend to spend longer in stores where they like the music, which gives them ample opportunity to purchase more! Just avoid current pop hits because they tend to distract customers. Gentle background ambient sound can be effective, and slower tempos encourage customers to move at a slower pace and linger over the products they are perusing.

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Digital Signage

Customer experience is key, so smart retailers are investing in impactful, attractive and engaging digital signs which help to share their messages and brand and make the customer feel comfortable. From sharing special offers and promotions to launching new advertising campaigns and showing customers where facilities are, digital signs are easy to update, cost-effective and highly engaging. Find out more about digital signs from Mood Media.


Colour therapy is another powerful tool for influencing mood. White is a positive and happy colour in the West, red is passionate, purple is dignified, yellow is happy and blue is peaceful. Seasonal colours such as green and red for Christmas and black and orange for Halloween create that sense of festivity and encourage spending.

So these ideas will hopefully provide plenty of inspiration, and they can all be combined to create that all-encompassing customer experience which encourages loyalty, engagement and that all-important spending at the till!

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