Customers expect your answer in the Social Media no later than 10 minutes

When waiting for a response from the company, customer patience is increasingly limited. Impatience index of customers, developed in the UK, records that, in just a few years, the response time that customers were willing to wait has dropped dramatically, from being several days to just 10 minutes. And it is that new media have revolutionized the way we communicate allowing the flow of information with unprecedented agility.

Customers expect your answer in the Social Media no later than 10 minutesAn agility that leads customers to demand an almost instantaneous response, as reflected in the data KANA Software. How could it be otherwise, the younger generations are more demanding response times.Thus, customers of between 18 and 34 check whether they have received their response 9’50 minutes each half. Meanwhile, consumers aged 35 to 44 years they expect little more than 20 minutes, while those over 45 give an average period of half an hour. In any case, customers expect to receive your reply within a period not exceeding 2 hours.

Notably, when it comes to asking for an immediate response, men are more impatient than women. On average, men check notifications awaiting a reply every 22.30 minutes, while women give about 4 minutes later (26’15 “).

In the case of petitions registered through social networks, companies have to take into account the effectiveness of the means to provide a response in a timely manner, and be willing to act as customers expect. Thus, the study indicates that 1 in 20 of these users checks for this response every 10 minutes. Meanwhile, another 20% granted an hour of grace.

Instead, companies still do not meet customer expectations, but are working on it. The latest report published by SocialBakers showed that companies have improved slightly in response time (12%), although its main challenge is to increase the response rate. As is the case of retail, where a third of customers remains unanswered in Facebook, while only 1 in 3 clients (32.8%) received reply on Twitter.

The customer remains a challenge for companies who still have much to improve to live up to the expectations of its customers.


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