Five things to include on an e-commerce website

When you are working to build a successful e-commerce website, it is important to cover all bases. Even simple mistakes can make a big difference to your visitors and sales, so let’s take a look at five things you should include on your website to make it successful.
1. User-friendly design

Your e-commerce website must have a clean and friendly design that your visitors can use with ease.

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2. Fast loading times

Google will rank pages with fast loading times more favourably than those that load slowly. A good web developer will ensure your content loads quickly and that your website is hosted on a fit-for-purpose server so that it responds quickly.

3. Mobile-friendly design

This is essential, as many of your customers will access your website via their mobile phones. Agencies specialising in web design in Surrey will optimise your website by choosing a template that adjusts naturally to a smartphone screen.

4. Secure payment systems

This needs to be evidenced by SSL certification to show that you have integrated your website with a secure payment system. An agency specialising in web design Surrey will often recommend an off-the-shelf shopping system, such as Shopify, so that you can quickly integrate it into your website.

5. High-quality content and images

Good content will help to attract and engage visitors. If you add meta descriptions, alt images and back-end tags, you will also help to build your SEO rankings.

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These five focus areas will help to ensure your e-commerce website is attractive, on-brand, and high-performing; in this way, your website will be primed to rank highly and ready to convert your customers. Invest in these steps to begin with and keep refining your website so that it continues to grow and improve.

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