Professional Advice and Treatment from an Experienced Audiologist

Hearing Loss could simply be a result of the excessive build-up of EarWax, don’t suffer in a world of silence, seek advice and treatment from a highly-trained and skilled Audiologist by searching on-line for Ear wax removal near me and choosing a reputable and renowned specialist such as  Offering a comprehensive Consultation and hearing test before any treatment is recommended this is a Team of dedicated professionals, putting the comfort, health and safety of their patients first. As part of the prestigious Imperial Hearing Group, you will have a choice of over twenty Clinics to attend, all of which are fully staffed with skilled, experienced Ear Specialists who can effectively remove any Ear Wax for you.

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Offering a range of three, safe and pain-free treatments, including Manual Extraction, Irrigation and Microsuction, all of which are tried and tested methods of Ear Wax Removal. The friendly Audiologist who examines your Ears will discuss in length the most suitable extraction method for you, and even if you have experienced Ear infections or hearing loss in the past you may still be suitable for treatment.

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Once the right Ear Wax Removal treatment has been completed your expert Technician will advise you on how to keep your ear clean safely and how to help prevent painful infections in the future. The ethos behind all their Treatments is to provide pain-free, effective solutions to Ear Wax removal and the very best after-care.

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