Time to replace your windows?

How can you tell if your windows have to be replaced? If you’re just starting to see that the windows of your property are looking a bit past their best then you might be wondering if the time has come to have them replaced or not. Read on to see if you recognise any of the following issues with your windows and if so, their days might be numbered:

Feeling a draught? While all windows will allow some air in, if you can feel it or easily see it then something is not right. Not only will this make you uncomfortable but will also affect the energy efficiency in your home. Timber frames can become warped over the years due to exposure to moisture and causing a gap to appear. The frame’s corners can loosen and let in a lot of cold outside air. Applying an insulating strip will only last so long and in the not too distant future, the windows of your property will need to be replaced.

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Opening and Closing – if you’re having difficulty opening or closing the windows it could be a sign that it’s time for new ones. Old windows have a balance mechanism that makes them open and if it is worn out the window will slam shut every time. This makes it dangerous, especially if you have small children. It also could be a problem with frames made from other materials, particularly if the surface has not been painted properly and is rotten or rusted.

Moisture on the inside of the glass, also called condensation – if it’s become clear that there’s a build-up between the glass panels of double glazing, it may need to be replaced. Fogginess between the panes is a definite sign of seal failure as the moisture seeps in. Insulated glass is no longer doing its job properly. For Glass suppliers and glaziers Gillingham, visit a site like https://www.romanglass.co.uk/

Energy Bill – do you not understand why your energy bills continue to creep up over time? It could be the case that you have a problem of efficiency. Did you know that inefficient windows can increase energy bills by 10-25%?

Adding value – if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market or just want to add value then remember that the windows are one of the most obvious features on the outside of your house and if they look worn out then it reflects badly on the rest of the property. You may want to consider installing a large window that is known to have benefits for your welfare because large windows increase natural light leaving it looking and feeling great as well. Having a lot of daylight in the environment increases productivity and comfort.

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Damaged or corrupted – this is probably the most obvious clue that you may need to replace the windows. If they are clearly destroyed or damaged in any way, for example, if you recently been severely affected by a storm, it may be possible to replace the glass. However, if the sash or frame is damaged in any way, even if the window is still in operation, it is best to replace them before they develop serious problems.

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