5 Household Items That Are Worth Money

Many of the items gathering dust around your home could be worth more than you think. You probably know that antique furniture and collectibles are valuable, but certain outdated household items also bring in a tidy sum.

1. Jewelry

While jewelry may seem like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how many people leave unwanted gifts or inherited pieces at the bottom of their jewelry boxes for years. It’s not just gold and silver that net a profit, gemstones are valuable as well. If you have jewelry that you never use, getting a jewelry consultations Maumee OH could help you figure out what your pieces are worth.

2. VHS Movies

You might think VHS tapes are obsolete, but certain movies and editions are valuable. If you have original or diamond editions of Disney movies lying around, they could be worth hundreds of dollars. Many collectors are also on the lookout for cult classics. You can check the going rate for specific movies online.

3. Old Video Games

Many older video games are now collector’s items. While there’s a particular demand for special editions, certain retro games that were once staples in many collections are worth hundreds today. Some rare games are even worth upwards of $1,000.

4. Outdated Technology

If you think outdated technology is useless in the age of 5G and iPads, think again. From vintage collectibles like typewriters and sewing machines to retro computers and video game consoles, your old technology could bring in hundreds of dollars. Your first cell phone might even be worth something if it’s one of the few models that are valuable today.

5. Kansas Quarters

Take a few minutes to look for Kansas quarters in your change jar. In 2005, a batch of these coins was pressed with the phrase, “In God We Rust.” Kansas quarters with this error can be sold for around $100 dollars.

These are only a few of the many household items that are worth more than you’d expect. A good rule of thumb is to always check whether an old item is valuable before throwing it away.

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