Hot design trends you need to know for this year’s web developments

Nothing stands still in design, so what can we expect to see dominate for the rest of this year? Here are some of the latest design trends that every savvy web developer is implementing.

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Refocus on minimalism

The concept of minimalism has become so overused in recent times that it has almost been lost on a lot of people. Instead of relating to neutral palettes of black and white, minimalism trends this year are about keeping design elements simple with an emphasis on more use of colour. Think a simple style of logo incorporated with pops of bright hues for minimalist inspiration.

Brighter hues

Graphic design will be much less conservative in colour schemes this year, with designers upping the tempo on the colour palettes. Expect designs to include bolder, brighter and sharper tones, with more daring colour schemes than ever before.

Use of duotones

You have to be a skilled designer to execute duotones perfectly, so if you’ve got the know-how, this trend is really hitting the spot at the moment. According to, in graphic design, a duotone is an image composed of two colours, often very bright or contrasting. A duotone is created by overlaying a colour onto a greyscale image. The end result is unique and can bring creative flair to your designs.

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Eye-catching typography

Savvy designers understand the importance of grabbing attention quickly, and the use of bold and daring typography is a trend that is currently popular to achieve this aim. In particular, with more people using mobile devices to view content, the need for bolder fonts is becoming even greater. Knowing how to use bold typography wisely is a vital part of achieving the desired effect, so consult experts such as a Maidstone Web Design company.

Genuine photos

In order to inject personality and individuality into your brand, give stock and generic photos the heave-ho. Instead, focus on using original photos that represent your business and its people so that you stand out from the crowd.

Illustrated graphics and icons

In conjunction with the use of authentic photos, graphic designers will be making more use of hand-drawn graphics and icons this year. This also adds the individual approach currently being favoured and increases the sense of fun in designs.

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